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Hotel Reservation Click here!!

Hello guys, about the hotel I recommended, Ratchada City hotel.
Everyone who wants to make a reservation, please contact to my niece, SmilePattaravadi Smilemild . She will forward your reservation to hotel agency.

Special price : 1200 B./night
Please contact to make a reservation and payment by PayPal before 15th March 2019.

About van for take and pick up
The event of this year will be bigger so I don't think I can take care all of you guys.
I suggest you to make a group 5-6 people+stuffs for 1 van.
Special price : Airport -Flying field and back to hotel (for first day 2400 B.
Hotel-Flying field = 2000 B./day
Hotel-Airport = 1500 B.
The price is included pick up you from flying field back to hotel.
Also contact and reserve the van with Smile before 15th March 2019 but pay to the driver directly on that day.

For the who will come without van group, when you make a reservation please let Smile know, she will make a group for you.